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    Lauren Chater Laurie Steed Alison Goodman G.S. Johnston  

  • Issue Thirteen Fiction

    In the Eye of Jupiter Religion ‘Sense and insensibility’ Black As Rise and Fall – A Cheerleader’s Triumph and Tragedy Free Range Eggs The Flynn Effect The School Boy Alice Fade to Blacking Out Stubborn as Mud SpaceTruck 1999 Mothman Wilt Tree Dwellers Darwin, with Archie Empty       Heavenly Morsel  

  • Movie and Television reviews.

    Past lives   For the Girlies Collection

  • Issue Thirteen Poetry

    Orbs & the Mountain Every Single Day Balms Garry Gets a Gun Boathouse Facing North Well Rounded Always, a River Day Ebbs Leigh Sales is “Totally Fine” The Sea Then and Now Tandem venit amor, and others. At Old Epidaurus Rabbits Running Complication We are all Wildflowers Pressed Between Transparencies

  • Issue Thirteen Book Reviews.

    The Glass House: Novel Review Love From Scratch: Novel Review Thanks For Having Me: Novel Review A Dance With Murder: Novel Review Tidelines: Novel Review Someone Else’s Bucket List: Novel Review Kit McBride Gets A Wife: Novel Review The Next Big Thing: Novel Review The Deed: Novel Review Here After: Non-Fiction Review Good With Money:…

  • Women embrace empowerment with their strengths.

    Women embrace empowerment with their strengths.

    By Louise Sapphira.   Exploring the prosperity of women in history and the current day through portraits that remain with us.   The concept of beauty as a form of currency to create prosperity in society is explored in Lauren Chater’s historical fiction novel The Beauties. The narrative discovers women taking advantage of their talents,…

  • As time passes love is unknowingly translucent.

    As time passes love is unknowingly translucent.

    Gaining insight into the love stories within history amongst the harsh political climates of the time.   G.S. Johnston’s historical fiction novel Sweet Bitter Cane explores the injustice experienced between two World Wars. The novel delivers a love story with raw emotion allowing an audience to reflect on their own heritage. Sweet Bitter Cane is…

  • Bringing a touch of serenity to those in need.

    Bringing a touch of serenity to those in need.

    By Louise Sapphira.   Take a journey with two women who lend a helping hand in creative ways, highlighting the light and darkness in people’s stories.   The themes explored in Alison Goodman’s feminist historical fiction novel, The Benevolent Society of Ill-Mannered Ladies, resonate with an audience by connecting with people’s experiences. The novel starts…

  • Vulnerability is shown in a multitude of ways.

    Vulnerability is shown in a multitude of ways.

    By Louise Sapphira. Drawing on our internal worlds and the people that surround us, when pushing through a dark situation, finding the light.   Good short stories have a way of capturing the heart of the reader. Laurie Steed’s, Greater City Shadows and Other Stories does this by exploring community, relationships, family, love, heartache, and…

  • Sense and Insensibility.

    Sense and Insensibility.

    by Jane Downing.   The traffic was as unremitting as the winter damp. Ellie missed the turn-off, forcing the technology into a hiccoughing insistence it was recalculating. Eventually their rental filtered off the motorway, where the roads were quickly narrow, countrified, and quiet. As far from the sunburnt country of dusty plains they were visiting…

  • In the Eye of Jupiter

    In the Eye of Jupiter

    By Kris Loilo   It’d be a much smarter idea to just walk up to the door, knock and ask to be let inside, but the thing about that is that I’m not smart. So instead of taking the stairwell, I’m scaling the fire escape on the side of the complex and tiptoeing on ledges…

  • Tree Dwellers

    Tree Dwellers

    By Abhishek Udaykumar   It wasn’t till that evening that the Coca-Colas were back on the shelf and we had a reason to walk up the slope. A litchi[1] tree hung from the sky and a woman washed vessels in the thicket. The occasional pickup trucks surprised me like sudden glyphs appearing inside a familiar…

  • Past Lives

    Past Lives

    Review by Jilliean Sioson   Directed by Celine Song | English-Korean There is a conversation that takes place in Men Without Women (2014) written by Haruki Murakami that goes like this: “But Mr. Kafuku, can any of us ever perfectly understand another person? However much we may love them?” “We lived together for nearly twenty…

  • Black As.

    Black As.

    By Keren Heenan   She’s all sharp angles and dark and heavy brooding, anyone can see that. As soon as she opens the door and thumps herself down on the seat, turns to the window and scowls out at the landscape as if she holds it responsible. For something. Anyone can see. She’s a mood…

  • The House That Joy Built: Non-Fiction Review

    The House That Joy Built: Non-Fiction Review

    Review by Stacey O’Carroll Author: Holly Ringland Publisher: HarperCollins RRP: $32.99 Release Date: 4 October 2023 “Sitting at my desk and writing, I feel two forces again: joy and fear.” Never has there been a book, fiction or non-fiction, that so aptly captured my current state that the moment I finished reading the last page,…

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