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  • Issue Twelve: Podcast Two

    Issue Twelve: Podcast Two

    CONTENT:   Imogen Lenore Williams short story Forgive Us Our Trespasses Mickey Stosser poems (Oh, and Don’t Forget to Breathe!; Untitled poem 1; Untitled poem 2) Catherine Therese interview on Things She Would Have Said Herself Matthew Rush short story When It Knocks PODCAST TWO

  • Issue Twelve: Podcast One

    Issue Twelve: Podcast One

    Content: Oscar O’Neill-Pugh poems (Madame Needlemaw, The Anchor, The Black Cat) Jacqueline Ross talks about her novel Blackwater Sam Johnston short story Sculpted Robyn Cadwallader talks about her novel The Fire and the Rose Podcast One

  • River


    by Tina Tsironis Your pain is a river so clear and so deep my pain is a river so cool and so sleek do you think you could do it?tell me now yank out the sludge smooth me out pry out the bugs my wellness I’d flout wrench out the shit bleeds brighter than gout…

  • Molly’s Cloud

    Molly’s Cloud

    By Stacey O’Carroll One year. Three-hundred-and-sixty-five days. Not a single drop of rain. The lavender-blue sky stretched as far as twelve-year-old Molly Willowgum could see. She leaned her frizzy copper curls against the open window of her nana’s car and watched the weatherboard cottages of Banksia Beach flicker past. Squished against the door by her…

  • Serengotti: Novel Review

    Serengotti: Novel Review

    Review by Stacey O’Carroll Author: Eugen Bacon Publisher: Transit Lounge RRP: $32.99 Release Date: 1 August 2023 “Normality is gratis, not sacred. One can ignore it but can never fully dispense with it. Subconsciously it may linger, consciously it does not distract.” (Eugen Bacon) Once in a while, a novel comes along that challenges not…

  • The Image Of Her Youth

    The Image Of Her Youth

    By Louise Sapphira Little time remains in the afternoon before the Melbourne musical production at the historic Daisy House theatre. I start fidgeting with my fingernails, scraping the edges of my right thumb. Butterflies gradually creep into my stomach. Will I be disappointed tonight, falling into the regrettable trap of oversharing? But are more secrets…

  • When It Knocks

    When It Knocks

    By Matthew Rush ‘Pizza’s here!’ I yelled, walking into the white, stainless kitchen, holding a large, pepperoni-scented box. The sound of small feet rushing along wooden floorboards became louder. Seconds later, a small, pale boy with light blonde hair and green eyes rounded the hall corner. He swiftly turned to face me, standing in the…

  • Pirate Ship

    Pirate Ship

    By Mark O’Flynn Lionel has emphysema. This might be the most serious of his problems, but it certainly isn’t the only one. Compounding this is the fact that he receives little or no treatment for his condition, but is subject to a fair degree of indifference. It’s death by a thousand cuts. This is because…

  • Interview with Christa Hill: A Beautiful Accident

    Interview with Christa Hill: A Beautiful Accident

    By Jilliean Soison Producer and freelancer Christa Hill shares how, by being adaptable and having the right support systems in place, she was able to overcome the disadvantages and hurdles that come with being a neuro-diverse creative.  Tell us a little about yourself and your role in the film and TV industry?  My name is…

  • I’ll Let Myself In: Non-Fiction Review

    I’ll Let Myself In: Non-Fiction Review

    Review by Stacey O’Carroll Author: Hannah Diviney Publisher: Allen & Unwin RRP: $32.99 Release Date: 12 September 2023 “My hamstrings and calves are pulled tight, like a bowstring right before you release an arrow. Except there is no arrow. Ever.” (Hannah Diviney) What if an unfortunate accident or medical miscalculation changed the entire course of…

  • Blackwater: Novel Review

    Blackwater: Novel Review

    Review by Stacey O’Carroll Author: Jacqueline Ross Publisher: AffirmPress RRP: $32.99 Published: 30 May 2023 “Dear House, We are a very bad family and don’t deserve you. Please help us and keep us safe. I am so sorry.” (Jacqueline Ross) How much do you know about the past of the person you share your life…

  • Demeter’s Daughters

    By Jena Woodhouse   It was their mother whom they locked away, for her own good, they said, though she was neither ailing nor demented. Trusting them, she’d signed the documents reluctantly. Now they’d rid her of that nasty dog, they said.   The dog turned out to be the faithful one, Demeter thought with rancour,…

  • Departure and Refusal

    Departure and Refusal

    By Matthew Rush Your life was empty of new opportunities until today. You remember how you felt when your parents said you were moving to Australia to study mining engineering at a university: excitement and despair. You were excited for the chance to leave the city of Lagos in Nigeria and the chance to study…

  • When Ghosts Call Us Home: Novel Review

    When Ghosts Call Us Home: Novel Review

    Review by Stacey O’Carroll Author: Katya De Becerra Publisher: Macmillan RRP: $22.99 Release Date: 26 September 2023 “There’s a split in my head, a demarcation line drawn between my year with Layla at Cashore and everything that came after.” (Katya De Becerra) Sometimes, we need to go back to the place of our nightmares to…

  • This Could Be Everything: Novel Review

    This Could Be Everything: Novel Review

    Review by Stacey O’Carroll Author: Eva Rice Publisher: Simon & Schuster RRP: $32.99 Release Date: 22 March 2023 “The way through was by moving, by keeping moving, by waking up and stepping onto hard pavements and walking and walking. It felt logical. Movement was a solution of sorts, a way of getting through the days.”…

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