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  • Issue Thirteen Interviews

    Lauren Chater Laurie Steed Alison Goodman G.S. Johnston  

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    Past lives   For the Girlies Collection

  • Issue Thirteen Poetry

    Orbs & the Mountain Every Single Day Balms Garry Gets a Gun Boathouse Facing North Well Rounded Always, a River Day Ebbs Leigh Sales is “Totally Fine” The Sea Then and Now Tandem venit amor, and others. At Old Epidaurus Rabbits Running Complication We are all Wildflowers Pressed Between Transparencies

  • Issue Thirteen Book Reviews.

    The Glass House: Novel Review Love From Scratch: Novel Review Thanks For Having Me: Novel Review A Dance With Murder: Novel Review Tidelines: Novel Review Someone Else’s Bucket List: Novel Review Kit McBride Gets A Wife: Novel Review The Next Big Thing: Novel Review The Deed: Novel Review Here After: Non-Fiction Review Good With Money:…

  • Sense and Insensibility.

    Sense and Insensibility.

    by Jane Downing.   The traffic was as unremitting as the winter damp. Ellie missed the turn-off, forcing the technology into a hiccoughing insistence it was recalculating. Eventually their rental filtered off the motorway, where the roads were quickly narrow, countrified, and quiet. As far from the sunburnt country of dusty plains they were visiting…

  • Tree Dwellers

    Tree Dwellers

    By Abhishek Udaykumar   It wasn’t till that evening that the Coca-Colas were back on the shelf and we had a reason to walk up the slope. A litchi[1] tree hung from the sky and a woman washed vessels in the thicket. The occasional pickup trucks surprised me like sudden glyphs appearing inside a familiar…

  • Black As.

    Black As.

    By Keren Heenan   She’s all sharp angles and dark and heavy brooding, anyone can see that. As soon as she opens the door and thumps herself down on the seat, turns to the window and scowls out at the landscape as if she holds it responsible. For something. Anyone can see. She’s a mood…

  • Heavenly Morsel

    Heavenly Morsel

    by Vanity Conroy I have met my God and I fear He does not look favourably upon me.   I met him in 1954, when I was eighteen and wearing my mother’s old clothes. I was helping my father at the farmers market when he approached my stall. The sun shined a halo in his…

  • Kit McBride Gets A Wife: Novel Review

    Kit McBride Gets A Wife: Novel Review

    Review by Stacey O’Carroll Author: Amy Barry Publisher: Simon & Schuster RRP: $22.99 Release Date: 3 April 2024 “Well, spit. How was Junebug to know flour was flammable?” Teenage Junebug McBride has had enough of cooking and cleaning for her ungrateful older brothers in the isolated Buck’s Creek, Montana. So, when she is asked to…

  • Empty


    By Taj Martin   They made me return to the studio from the hospital. Apparently, I had made a remarkable recovery. My plain room, with the view of the garden, would be occupied by someone else. I knew that when I inevitably returned, the chances of getting the same room were slim to none. I…

  • Darwin, with Archie.

    Darwin, with Archie.

    By Charlie Gill   In Darwin, when it was too hot outside, we’d lie on our beds and watch reruns of A Current Affair. Smug journalists in shirtsleeves would loiter outside brick-walled homes to confront “the country’s most contemptible characters”: conmen, hoarders, addicts, bludgers and battlers and thugs. When the door swung open, they’d spit…

  • Religion


    By Peter Dellolio   THE CEMETERY GROUNDSKEEPER, annoyed at having his peaceful day interrupted, chased the pack of noisy boys away.  If they were not visiting a relative or friend who had passed on, they had no business there.  A fat wooden slingshot, protruding from the back pocket of the nasty, fatuous ringleader, betrayed the…

  • Boathouse


    By Jan Wiezorek I see now that mystery chops at water. I see now those fractal oars in the sky. I cannot see fear on my face, but I feel flint move like slow motion. I could skip along this path of stones and trip right into a rite of terror—slipping off the pier into…

  • Then and Now

    Then and Now

    by Wendy J. Dunn   JOAN OF ARC (Written at sixteen).   Today I die Today I die I remember when I first heard them in the green meadows of my home,   St Catherine beckoned me, Saint Michael and Saint Margaret told me, ‘Drive the English out, drive them out from France.’ They said…

  • The Flynn Effect

    The Flynn Effect

    by Ib Svane On the Swedish west coast, where the Skagerrak meets the Kattegat, is a fjord called Gullmarsfjorden, or Gullmarn. At the mouth of the fjord is the island of Skaftö with a marine laboratory called Kristineberg. It has been there for a long time, but a few years after the discovery of the…