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  • The Witch in the Bottle

    The Witch in the Bottle

    By Shannon Blake   It is said that the Priory Church of Dunstable, England was once haunted by the ghost of a troublesome witch. According to legend, Sally had once been regarded as something of a harmless eccentric within the community, a strange and lonesome woman who told fortunes and dabbled in medicine. But as…

  • My Apocalyptic Journey

    My Apocalyptic Journey

    By Zoe Sorenson   Watching dystopian movies as a kid, I never really worried about what would happen if my family were separated in the event of an apocalypse—it wasn’t necessary. Let’s be real, I’m from a well-off, white Australian family from the suburbs of Melbourne. I was reasonably confident we would stick together regardless…

  • #typical


    By CJ Vallis   Friday night just before Christmas. One beer after work at a loud Newtown pub. Just to be social. I’m keen to head home, slump on my sofa in tracksuit pants, and watch a mindless Thriller. Back to the car, I bunch keys into my fist—more out of habit than fear—mostly I’m…

  • Begging Another Draft

    Begging Another Draft

    By Lyn Zelen Call yourself a writer? The thoughts spit back at me, mocking my fingers as they hover over the keyboard. No, I can’t. I’m not ready. Self-deprecating comments spin around my brain at Formula One speed. That chapter is not good enough for the memoir; it’s begging another draft.  The cushion behind my lumbar…

  • Manhood


    By Ron Barton   manhood ˈmanhʊd/ noun

  • Female sexuality, and telling women’s stories

    Female sexuality, and telling women’s stories

    By Sarah Giles Melanie rolled over and looked at her sleeping conquest. The evening had gotten away from her, one drink took her from tipsy to horny and then she met Marc with a wet kiss on the dance floor. A quick fuck was all she needed to quell the beast inside her. Oh Jesus,…