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  • Editorial: Issue One

    Editorial: Issue One

    This journal is the result of the passion and dedication of a group of Swinburne students and staff who were determined to add to the cultural landscape not only of their university, but of the wider literary world. Other Terrain aims to introduce new and aspiring voices and our first issue proudly does just that.

  • High-Wasted Genes

    High-Wasted Genes

    By Matthew Jones Her jacket was dancing in the wind. Out of time; off beat; sporadic. He thought she looked so beautiful. He exhaled slowly, trying not to get lost in his own thoughts. He must focus on the situation he had stumbled into tonight. Focus on the beautiful girl in black skinny jeans, her…

  • Seven Deadly Selfies

    Seven Deadly Selfies

    By Eloise Faichney Lust ‘And you tried to change didn’t you? closed your mouth more tried to be softer prettier less volatile, less awake but even when sleeping you could feel him travelling away from you in his dreams…’

  • The Girl who Muffles her Inner Voice

    The Girl who Muffles her Inner Voice

    By Tina Tsironis First impressions count for a lot, even if we don’t care to admit it. ‘I don’t trust you’, I said in the taxi the night we met, my voice high-pitched and slurry. You leaned close into my ear, your floppy boy band hair tickling my cheek. ‘Come on, don’t be like that.…

  • Same but Different

    Same but Different

    By Tina Tsironis Often a gap will develop between someone you thought you knew and the person they have become. A gap that widens at first gradually and subtly, and then all at once like a jet plane flying full throttle into a building.  The sight of my younger brother Steven chasing my mum down…

  • Foreigners


    By Senaj Alijevski After eighteen years in Australia, my mother decided to return to Macedonia. One evening, she dialed the number to our family overseas. It sounded like they were right in front of her.  From both ends they spoke with a different accent. One that sounded both familiar and unusual to me.

  • I Met Australia in an Unoccupied Land

    I Met Australia in an Unoccupied Land

    By Karina Talbot For a few months I could forget easily enough where I came from, The old tongues and tones of Western Europe Veiled me.

  • The Last Job on Earth

    The Last Job on Earth

    By James Nicholson No one could actually hear the actual sounds of intelligence, or of thought, but John Johnson knew the three animated suits before him were thinking. Considering, scanning and analysing him simultaneously; monitoring everything from his blood pressure to the dilation of his eyes, his heart rate compared against brain function.  The thoughts,…

  • Intentions of F. Scott Fitzgerald

    Intentions of F. Scott Fitzgerald

    By Shaun Perry ‘So we beat on, boats against the current, borne back ceaselessly into the past.’   I reread it a few times, put the book down, rolled a cigarette and listened to the warm summer breeze.

  • A Series of Microfiction

    A Series of Microfiction

    By Arianne James Invisible Her mother sits in the wicker chair by the bay windows, watching the snow flurries swirl in gentle tendrils, like dancers in white tulle floating around a ballroom. Baby can hear her knitting needles clickety clacking their way towards a scarf. The tiny girl lies on the sheepskin rug by the…

  • The Empty Heart Overflows

    The Empty Heart Overflows

    By Andy Goss Backing out of the driveway, Jak checked left and right. Nothing coming, nothing parked. He twisted round; no movement. This was, Jak thought, perhaps illegal. He had thought of reversing into the drive instead, so that he could come out forwards, but of course only remembered when it was too late. Next…

  • You don’t believe in duende but

    You don’t believe in duende but

    By Scherezade Siobhan In a field of barley, you are an Andalusian horse – light’s flaxen champagne rippling beneath the naranjo trees I am a dilettante of wanton breeds, an artisan of the sinew’s electricity. Together, we diagram the hunt, the pointillism of hunger brushing our backs, our muscles speaking in the language  of temples…

  • between lettuce & lsd

    between lettuce & lsd

    By Scherezade Siobhan the very first thing he ever said was – i want you to inch out the splinters i have sharpened into ribs within the tilde of my anatomy. i want you to help me unweave this glass wool warp of my epiphanies

  • tűz


    By Scherezade Siobhan snow owl, i call him – the totem of gold-augured goddesses through a jetlag, our twin bodies are willed into an island dargah

  • Sardines


    By Oscar O’Neill-Pugh Who took your measurements? The diameter of the jugular nestled happily in your throat. Who was it you watched fall as you straddled Lucifer and rode the goat?