Category: Our Editors from previous issues.

  • Angela Wauchop

    Angela Wauchop

    Angela Wauchop is currently studying Professional Writing and Editing at Swinburne University. Originally from regional Queensland, Angela ditched the safe confines of a successful small business and moved to Melbourne in 2013, ready for an adventure and all the possibilities of a big city.

  • Taylor Donlon

    Taylor Donlon

    Taylor Donlon is a student studying Creative Writing and Literature as well as Professional Writing and Editing at Swinburne University. She is passionate about literature and hopes to become a novelist in the future. She currently lives in Melbourne with her dogs, surrounded rooms filled with books.

  • Jacqueline Moran

    Jacqueline Moran

    Jacqueline Moran is a PhD candidate at Swinburne University and lifelong Melbournian. She has degrees in games design and psychology and is currently putting them to use in her thesis about the hero’s journey in player experiences.

  • Thomas van Essen

    Thomas van Essen

    Thomas van Essen is a philosophy and literature undergrad at the Swinburne University of Technology. An avid reader of speculative fiction and sci-fi, he aspires to one day have published work of his own. He lives in St Kilda with his fiancee and two cats.

  • Eugen Bacon

    Eugen Bacon

    Eugen Bacon is a computer scientist mentally re-engineered into creative writing. She has sold many stories and articles, together with anthologies. Her stories have won, been shortlisted and commended in international awards, including the Bridport Prize, L Ron Hubbard Writers of the Future Contest, Copyright Agency Prize and Fellowship of Australian Writers National Literary Awards.…

  • Avi Leibovitch

    Avi Leibovitch

    Avi is an Editor of Other Terrain and Backstory journals. He is currently studying at Swinburne University of Technology, undergoing his Bachelor of Arts degree. Majoring in Writing, Editing and Literature (with a bit of Philosophy on the side), he aims to build a career in the publishing industry, where his love for a good…

  • Madeleine Reid

    Madeleine Reid

    Madeleine is a Melbourne girl in her final year at Swinburne University doing a double degree in Business and Arts. Her majors are Marketing, Professional Writing and Editing. She joined Backstory and Other Terrains social media team in early 2018, and also contributes as a writer.

  • Kathryn Lamont

    Kathryn Lamont

    Kathryn is currently studying at Swinburne University, majoring in Creative Writing and Literature and minoring in both Criminology and Film and TV Production. She drinks tea. Sometimes she reads stuff. Sometimes she draws stuff. Sometimes she writes stuff. (This, she has decided, would be a great way to spend the rest of her life).

  • Samuel Elliott

    Samuel Elliott

    Samuel Elliott is a Sydney-based freelance literary and entertainment reporter. Having previously regularly appeared in premier digital print The Australia Times, until its untimely closure in late 2016, Elliott’s writing has appeared in Antic, The Southerly, Compulsive Reader, MoviePilot, Writer’s Bloc, The Versatile Gent, Vertigo, FilmInk, Verity La, Archer, Verandah, Boss Hunting, The Boomers Club, The Big Issue and The Independent. While this…

  • Nikole Eugeniou

    Nikole Eugeniou

    Nikole Eugeniou is a poet and creative writing student at Swinburne University. Residing in Melbourne, Nik shares her cheerful and quirky personality with all she can. She uses writing to express herself and hopes to fill the world with words, one piece at a time. She currently tweets at @onefuturegrad and details of her future…

  • Rebecca Jane

    Rebecca Jane is a student from the Yarra Valley currently studying writing and film in Bachelor of Arts. Her stories have been published twice in a Queensland Magazine, which has also shown one of her illustrations.  She enjoys books and films of all genres, and has devoted the other half of her soul to music…

  • Skye Jenner

    Skye Jenner

    Skye Jenner has a Masters in Writing and is currently working towards her PhD in science, whilst absorbing every bit of the written word she can possibly get her hands on.

  • Senaj Alijevski

    Senaj Alijevski

    Senaj Alijevski is a Sub-editor of Other Terrain journal and is studying Professional Writing and Editing at Swinburne University. She is a motivated activist for organisations such as “We Are Union” and Trades Hall city council. She writes fiction in the crime and romance genres, enjoys writing creative non-fiction, and is inspired by the work of…

  • Oscar O’Neill-Pugh

    Oscar O’Neill-Pugh

    Oscar O’Neill-Pugh is a Sub-editor of Other Terrain journal. He has been writing stories and poetry for as long as he remembers. Thankfully, none of his earlier pieces have seen the light of day. Oscar enjoys writing both free verse and rhyming poetry. There have been many sleepless nights filled with him worrying if dead…

  • Abby Claridge

    Abby Claridge

    Abby Claridge is a Sub-editor at Other Terrain journal. She has changed more than she thought possible in that last 20 years, but a constant in her life will always be writing and creativity. Now studying professional writing and editing, she has a passion for not only writing her own pieces but improving the work…