The Night Wonderer

By Senaj Alijevski


Wonders which road to take

What am I doing here?

And why do I need to be there?

Seeing the lights

remembers the steps before.


Unwelcome in many places

And occasion, finds a way out.

Doesn’t look back only forward.

Can I make my way here or?

Could I turn there?


Still trapped in darkness

Lost and confused.

I can’t go

Here and can’t make it



Setback after setback

Where are the signs?

Do I keep going

Where will it take me?


It’s not even dawn

And this emptiness doesn’t hide

I wonder, I wonder.

and find your way back

tomorrow night.


Where your memories continue

to be repeated.

One-part lost child,

Two parts a leader.


Sometimes love comes late at night

and leaves early in the morning.

Even if the joy I short-lived

Always remember the stars that

Evening the brightest.


Don’t leave me

And find your way

Back tomorrow night

Where your memories

Continued to be repeated.


And do I need to be there?

Seeing the lights remembers,

The steps before.

And climbs the rest

Of the way above.


Photo by Tyson Dudley on Unsplash