Tag: Issue Ten Poetry

  • Close to the Edge

    Close to the Edge

    By Mary Pomfret   When I was seven and sweet I lived on the west coast, rugged and dark Rainforest, devils, possum ringtail, hanging from the pines.   Benign neglect, disguised as love, was commonplace back then. Mother would have been knitting booties for the next baby, Father tinkering in the shed.   So, I…

  • Over-dreaming


    By Jane Frank   Poems fall into my inbox from people I’ve never met   home-baked cookies cool, the dog, ecstatic we’re home   rolling in fallen lilly pilly flowers beneath a vibrant fickle sun   the silver underside of gazania foliage sparkling with a new   energy – It’s a blessing that your father…

  • My husband’s grandfather, the jeweller

    My husband’s grandfather, the jeweller

    By Denise O’Hagan   So we may find ourselves Taking on other people’s memories Slipping on the mantle of their lives Until they become part of us And walk where we walk, Second-hand shadows, Like the memory of my husband’s memory, when we went back, of that fastidious courteous man who dealt in heirlooms and timepieces…