Category: Editorial Team

  • Zara Kernan

    Zara Kernan

    Zara is a third-year Swinburne student studying a Bachelor of Media and Communication with a major in Professional Writing and Editing. Her favourite things are writing (everything from poetry to scripts), good historical fiction and perfectly brewed cups of tea. She also loves helping writers’ visions come to life through the editing process. She has…

  • Umaima Syed

    Umaima Syed

    Introducing Umaima Syed, a second-year student at Swinburne University of Technology and a member of the Editing team here at Other Terrain. Umaima is pursuing a double degree in the Bachelor of Law/Arts, majoring in Professional and Creative Writing. Umaima has various interests in our world and those hidden away in the nooks and crannies…

  • Alex Eagles

    Alex Eagles

    Alex Eagles is a student at Swinburne currently studying literature and creative writing, working toward a Bachelors of Art degree. A fan of slasher horror, bad comedy movies, and nonsensical worldbuilding in comics, Alex has been writing since he was young, with no plans of stopping.

  • Louise Sapphira

    Louise Sapphira

    Louise is a Swinburne student currently studying for a Master of Writing. She has also completed a Bachelor of Arts and an Honours Degree in Marketing. Her passions include dance and theatre. Creativity has always been an interest of Louise’s.  In her spare time, Louise reads, walks, and does yoga and dance classes. She also…

  • Matthew Rush

    Matthew Rush

    Matthew Rush is a Swinburne University student studying Creative Writing and Literature, and Cinema and Screen Studies for his Bachelor of Arts degree. They’ve also completed a Diploma of Arts and Communication, created a curation of films titled ‘Bare Impressions of Film’ with his fellow students, which was available for rent online on Cinema 3…

  • Tina Tsironis

    Tina Tsironis

    Tina Tsironis is a writer, editor and communications professional who calls Melbourne home. She’s a fan of self-referential horror films, blobs of hot sauce splattered over her food, and emotional gut punches weaved into otherwise whimsical pieces of writing. Tina is one subject away from completing her Master of Writing at Swinburne University of Technology.…

  • Matt Richardson

    Matt Richardson

    Matt Richardson (he/they) is queer fiction author and editor based in Naarm, whose stories experiment with points of view and the motivations of imperfect characters. His previous works can be found in Apparition Literary Magazine, TL;DR Press charity anthologies, andSwine Magazine. They can be found on Twitter at @MattRAuthor and on Instagram at @apollopic_s.

  • Connor Hogan

    Connor Hogan

    Connor Hogan is a Melbourne based student completing his Bachelor of Arts, majoring in professional and creative writing. He has been an avid writer since early primary school, writing for both personal endeavours and group projects. His love for group storytelling led to the discovery of tabletop role playing games, and by extension fantasy worldbuilding.…

  • Chloe Hanna

    Chloe Hanna

    Introducing Chloe Hanna, a fourth-year student at Swinburne University, and now a Contributing Editor of our journal. Chloe is pursuing a double degree in Law/Arts with a major in Professional Writing and Editing. This ambitious journey has allowed her to effortlessly blend the intricacies of law with the artistry of writing. With an adept eye…

  • Jilliean Sioson

    Jilliean Sioson

    Film & TV graduate with a Master of Writing. First-generation Filipino immigrant passionate about storytelling, producing, and film theory/criticism. Takes the Shrek franchise and East-Asian dramas very seriously.  

  • Antonia Cassetta

    Antonia Cassetta

    Antonia Cassetta is a Swinburne student currently studying a bachelor of Media and Communication, majoring in Media Industries. They are passionate about various forms of narrative media, from books to television to fiction podcasts, and aim to develop a career writing in media production.

  • Kris Loilo

    Kris Loilo

    Kris Loilo is currently studying Professional Writing and Physics under a double degree at Swinburne. A self-proclaimed digital artist, astronomy enthusiast, tea addict and enjoyer of all things cosmic horror (which he may be one himself, who knows), Kris enjoys spinning his seemingly disparate interests together with literature, comics and illustrations. He has an avid…

  • Alex Hatzidakis

    Alex Hatzidakis

    Melbourne local, Alex Hatzidakis, spends his days doing what he loves most, writing. Freelancer by day, novelist by night, Alex’s passions for scriptwriting, drama and comedy are evident within his work and personal projects.   Having published several works within the travel, scriptwriting, music and sports sectors, Alex also completed a Master of Writing at Swinburne…

  • Stacey O’Carroll

    Stacey O’Carroll

    Stacey is a Master of Writing student at Swinburne University. She holds a BA (Internet Communications) and an Advanced Diploma in Film & Television Production. She lives surrounded by shelves of books and movies on the NSW coast and will often include the sea in her writing. Since childhood, she has loved captivating an audience…

  • Wendy J Dunn

    Wendy J Dunn

    Wendy J. Dunn is an award-winning Australian writer fascinated by Tudor history – so much so she was not surprised to discover a family connection to the Tudors, not long after the publication of her first Anne Boleyn novel, which narrated the Anne Boleyn story through the eyes of Sir Thomas Wyatt, the elder. Her…