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  • Issue Twelve: Podcast Two

    Issue Twelve: Podcast Two

    CONTENT:   Imogen Lenore Williams short story Forgive Us Our Trespasses Mickey Stosser poems (Oh, and Don’t Forget to Breathe!; Untitled poem 1; Untitled poem 2) Catherine Therese interview on Things She Would Have Said Herself Matthew Rush short story When It Knocks PODCAST TWO

  • Issue Twelve: Podcast One

    Issue Twelve: Podcast One

    Content: Oscar O’Neill-Pugh poems (Madame Needlemaw, The Anchor, The Black Cat) Jacqueline Ross talks about her novel Blackwater Sam Johnston short story Sculpted Robyn Cadwallader talks about her novel The Fire and the Rose Podcast One

  • The Image Of Her Youth

    The Image Of Her Youth

    By Louise Sapphira Little time remains in the afternoon before the Melbourne musical production at the historic Daisy House theatre. I start fidgeting with my fingernails, scraping the edges of my right thumb. Butterflies gradually creep into my stomach. Will I be disappointed tonight, falling into the regrettable trap of oversharing? But are more secrets…

  • Pirate Ship

    Pirate Ship

    By Mark O’Flynn Lionel has emphysema. This might be the most serious of his problems, but it certainly isn’t the only one. Compounding this is the fact that he receives little or no treatment for his condition, but is subject to a fair degree of indifference. It’s death by a thousand cuts. This is because…

  • Interview with Christa Hill: A Beautiful Accident

    Interview with Christa Hill: A Beautiful Accident

    By Jilliean Soison Producer and freelancer Christa Hill shares how, by being adaptable and having the right support systems in place, she was able to overcome the disadvantages and hurdles that come with being a neuro-diverse creative.  Tell us a little about yourself and your role in the film and TV industry?  My name is…

  • Trauma


    By Jacob Pilkington   Sirens ululated in the distance. He could feel the air cling to him. All the drops of him leaked out on the ground in a puddle of horror-movie red. He knew he’d caught a bullet to the head, and this was how he was going to check out. Then the tumbling…

  • Oh, and don’t forget to breathe!

    Oh, and don’t forget to breathe!

    By Mickey Stosser     Remember to point your toes Lengthen your spine Tilt your head 45 degrees Offer to make tea   Don’t forget to engage your core Turn your feet out Lift that leg higher Ask “so what do you do for work?”   Oh, it’s your first class? Welcome! Just follow along,…

  • Sappho Wept

    Sappho Wept

    By Wendy J. Dunn   Sappho wept sorrowing for her lost poems, sorrowing for all the women from her time to mine who dared creating art for it to be judged an artefact worth less beyond worthless compared to art created by men.   Countless poems by women tossed aside, Countless paintings erased, canvases painted…

  • Pasta, Pizza, and Dumplings

    Pasta, Pizza, and Dumplings

    By A. Rogers Pasta, pizza, and dumplings. I feel as if I measure our life by how many pastas, pizzas and dumplings we’ve had. Can a relationship be summed up in three things? If they can, this one would be pasta, pizza, and dumplings.  You meet me at my work.  Pasta.  Bowls of pasta in…

  • Fugue


    By Jane Frank There’s a dotted line between where she ends and the rest  of the world begins, where those otherworldly creatures  she loves live like pets.  She feeds them. She drives them where they need to go. She gives them advice in a voice  that sounds like her own.  There’s a slow damage of…

  • In Faith’s Way

    In Faith’s Way

    By Matthew Rush ‘Max, please listen to me; your route leads us through the Nepean Highway! It’s the prime location for an ambush,’ she says frantically. ‘We can’t afford to get caught in the sunlight Emily, so the fastest route is the safest route, now stop whispering so loud!’ I repeat. She follows close behind…

  • How to Annoy Your Neighbours

    How to Annoy Your Neighbours

     By Bek Klinko The world felt different when Jack woke up.       He couldn’t feel the wall when he stretched. His limbs twisted at odd angles. The sheets were heavier. He blinked.      His little log cabin looked larger than it was the night before. Everything was bigger and deeper and brighter. Jack tried to get up…

  • Lucy & Freya

    By A. Rogers Friday night. There is something so freeing and terrifying about being in a new place, a new environment, a new city, a new town. Invisibility is the greatest fresh start.  We just put the couch in the living room. It’s brown with green and deep red cushions. The coffee table will come…

  • Blade for Blood

    Blade for Blood

    By Bethany Lo-Han Pull, strike, splutter, repeat. Pull, strike, splutter, repeat. Camille Mejía’s world had stopped the day her wife’s body had been discovered. Months had passed since the tragic find, and life had moved on, but Camille’s mind had remained trapped in the moment. She hadn’t taken on a case since. Attempting to work…

  • Tinned Mackerel Curry

    Tinned Mackerel Curry

    By Vanessa Perera As I sat carefully blowing into a spoonful of steaming basmati rice and tinned mackerel curry, my homesickness worsened. I had grown tired of eating cheap cornflakes and lactose-free milk for every meal over the past five months since I arrived in Melbourne. On some days, I would add a handful of…