Category: Issue Six Interviews

  • Book Review: Clare Rhoden’s The Ruined Land

    Book Review: Clare Rhoden’s The Ruined Land

    Reviewed by Angela Wauchop “[…] Hector had no idea what Jarli’s business was with the ravine canini, but he had detected a bio-echo that troubled him. Jarli’s life-force, Hector’s sensors told him, read very like that of the human twins the canini had saved from the Pale. Jarli must be, the twins must be, thought…

  • Interview with Susan Carland

    Interview with Susan Carland

    Interviewed by Abby Claridge. Like many feminists, Susan Carland faces criticism for her views. But, unlike many Western feminists, her Muslim faith is often bought up in an effort to delegitimize her views. For those who do not prescribe to a religious viewpoint, it can be hard to understand how a religion that the media…

  • Interview with Judith Beveridge.

    Interview with Judith Beveridge.

    Interviewer: Abby Claridge. There is a reason Judith Beveridge is considered one of the most iconic contemporary Australian poets of today. Her style is refined and her development as writer has been showcased since her first publication 21 years ago. I’m embarrassed to admit that I had only read a few of her poems before…