Category: Issue Ten Creative Non-fiction

  • The Witch in the Bottle

    The Witch in the Bottle

    By Shannon Blake   It is said that the Priory Church of Dunstable, England was once haunted by the ghost of a troublesome witch. According to legend, Sally had once been regarded as something of a harmless eccentric within the community, a strange and lonesome woman who told fortunes and dabbled in medicine. But as…

  • My Apocalyptic Journey

    My Apocalyptic Journey

    By Zoe Sorenson   Watching dystopian movies as a kid, I never really worried about what would happen if my family were separated in the event of an apocalypse—it wasn’t necessary. Let’s be real, I’m from a well-off, white Australian family from the suburbs of Melbourne. I was reasonably confident we would stick together regardless…

  • Kiara Ash

    Kiara Ash

    Kiara Ash is a young and upcoming author who believes in exposing the truths and injustices in our society. Even though she never wanted to be a political writer, her passion to change wrongs by putting words on her page might cause her to be one. Whilst an activist in her writing, she prefers to…