Cora Tate

Educated as a scientist, graduated as a mathematician, Cora Tate has earned her living as a full-time professional entertainer most of her life, including a stint as a regular performer on the prestigious Grand Ole Opry.  Cora’s repeated attempts to escape the entertainment industry have brought work as a librarian, physics teacher, syndicated newspaper columnist, and city planner, among other occupations.  Cora lives, writes, and continues to improve her dzonkha vocabulary and pronunciation in Bhutan but visits the US, Europe, or Australia to perform and thereby to recharge her bank account.  She has settled in Bhutan but in previous decades has lived, performed, and taught in the U.S., Australia, New Zealand, and Denmark.  Cora has written five novels, three novellas (of which two have been published), six novelettes (two published, one forthcoming), and ninety-some short stories, of which sixty-four have been published by seventy-two literary journals in ten countries.