A Mind Like Lightning

by Hélène Cardona


Stars scribble in our eyes the frosty sagas,

the glowing cantos of unvanquished space.

     —Hart Crane

Without gravity

I fly into a thousand pieces,

add sparkle to various reflections —

fallen stars, colliding lights —

transform particles, waves, and dark matter.

I become ocean, mercury, silver

shimmers, fairy tales, fascinated.

The strangeness of this atmosphere

seduces, shifts consciousness,

shapes bloodstreams,

provokes a rush.

Let the the next dimension pull you,

lightning-mind, prosperous poet,

duellist without a fight.

Let the lake talk, embrace it.


This poem was previously published in the multi-award-winning poetry collection by Helene Cardona entitled Life in Suspension (Salmon Poetry 2016).



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