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  • Charlie


    By Denise O’Hagan   Every hospital has a Charlie Someone who’s slipped through society’s cracks And sits obstinately on the outside A grit in the eye of every passerby And a reproof to government healthcare. He was sitting there today By the thick glass sliding doors A great raw trunk of a man Marooned in…

  • Denise O’Hagan

    Denise O’Hagan

    Denise is an editor by trade. Born in Italy, she lived in the UK before emigrating to Australia. She holds an MA in Bibliography and Textual Criticism and has a background in publishing. She works as a freelance editor with independent authors and is Poetry Editor for Australia and New Zealand for The Blue Nib. Her…

  • Now He is Here

    Now He is Here

    By Denise O’Hagan I tread between slabs of stone shining like the underbellies of giant bugs in the shimmering light of an autumn afternoon and think that this was just the sort of day he would have loved. He used to eat olives and anchovies and sardines and now he is here. He used to…