Category: Issue Four

  • Sunday Walk

    Sunday Walk

    By Michele Seminara   The daughter’s ball-hands bobble from her black coat sleeves. Her hair sprouts dark roots morphing to red then cheapening to yellow. The underbelly rises ruthlessly out of her jeans.  

  • Crust


    By Lorne Johnson   I wandered by malt whisky paddocks, where Belted Galloways whispered words   of reassurance to the Earth, until I found a grassy seat between tangled honeysuckle  

  • Volta


    By Tess Barry   Sweet daybreak comes again a warming hand across the width of autumn.

  • Fuschia


    By Kenneth Pobo   I tell few about Dun Dunt, my invisible friend.  He’s fine with that, says being a secret makes him a man  

  • This Sunburnt Country [After Dorothea]

    By Rachel Flynn   We fly across our country, a patchwork knit from skeins, of ragged mountain ranges and endless sweeping plains. We gaze her far horizons, and swim her emerald sea. Those misty sapphire mountains, that wide blue sky for me.  

  • Urn


    By Geoff Budden (July, 2005)   Summer school; after school; help from his patient mother; but his stammering tongue still betrayed him in class. School books ill-fit his hands; another bother. Grade Ten was the last one he passed But hammers, planes, plank; these he understood. “Measure twice, cut once”; confidence and certainty. He was…

  • Am I an Angel?

    Am I an Angel?

    By Gerrit Bos   Am I an angel? A messiah? A virgin birth? Or the devil hiding in my neighbour’s shirt? Am I a wicked prince? An evil tyrant? Or simply a lost sheep? Am I a beggar? A warning? The truth? Or plain boring?

  • The Night Wonderer

    The Night Wonderer

    By Senaj Alijevski   Wonders which road to take What am I doing here? And why do I need to be there? Seeing the lights remembers the steps before.  

  • Christmas kisses

    Christmas kisses

    By Anne Casey   We never had it It was something you saw in the movies old ones re-running on tv that handsome couples teasingly kissed under  

  • Interview with Sophie Masson

    Interview with Sophie Masson

    By Arianne James interviewing Sophie Masson

  • Interview with Tricia Dearborn

    Interview with Tricia Dearborn

    Tricia Dearborn was interviewed by Oscar O-Neill-Pugh What are you currently reading? I have a passion for chemistry – my first degree was a double major in chemistry and biochemistry – and my next poetry collection, Autobiochemistry, takes its title from a poem sequence that’s largely autobiographical, but seen through the lens of the chemical…