Category: Issue One Poetry

  • I Met Australia in an Unoccupied Land

    I Met Australia in an Unoccupied Land

    By Karina Talbot For a few months I could forget easily enough where I came from, The old tongues and tones of Western Europe Veiled me.

  • You don’t believe in duende but

    You don’t believe in duende but

    By Scherezade Siobhan In a field of barley, you are an Andalusian horse – light’s flaxen champagne rippling beneath the naranjo trees I am a dilettante of wanton breeds, an artisan of the sinew’s electricity. Together, we diagram the hunt, the pointillism of hunger brushing our backs, our muscles speaking in the language  of temples…

  • between lettuce & lsd

    between lettuce & lsd

    By Scherezade Siobhan the very first thing he ever said was – i want you to inch out the splinters i have sharpened into ribs within the tilde of my anatomy. i want you to help me unweave this glass wool warp of my epiphanies

  • tűz


    By Scherezade Siobhan snow owl, i call him – the totem of gold-augured goddesses through a jetlag, our twin bodies are willed into an island dargah

  • Sardines


    By Oscar O’Neill-Pugh Who took your measurements? The diameter of the jugular nestled happily in your throat. Who was it you watched fall as you straddled Lucifer and rode the goat?

  • Rapid Change

    Rapid Change

    By Oscar O’Neill-Pugh It was without a doubt, That I would be forgotten, left behind. Although I did not really pout, As I really didn’t mind.

  • Stray Tufts

    Stray Tufts

    By Oscar O’Neill-Pugh I am a weed, A stray tuft of foliage that no one wants.

  • What’s at Steak

    What’s at Steak

    By Oscar O’Neill-Pugh She keeps a cleaver, Right next to the bedside table, Underneath her pillow. She has scrawled My name, On every inch of the blade.

  • Instructions for a Sick Day

    Instructions for a Sick Day

    By Eloise Faichney Roll the blinds up so the light is inescapable, so that you cannot oversleep.