A Ghazal: in Europe

By Jayant Kashyap

After our ship took to air, through the skies,

the first prayers we swore in Europe.

Reaching the clouds weather took dramatic

turns, but omens much we forbore in Europe.

When we touched what we had never known, we

thought, what remained but to explore in Europe?

With every good touch of stone, with inch of history,

whatever good lived less here, lived more in Europe.

At night, when we remember the sun, we looked at the sky,

found the sun set after dinner, at Amersfoort, in Europe.

Those sunsets that allowed the sun to bow as it left

for the depths of sea, beyond every seashore in Europe.

Whatever stays, stagnates here, I hate the rains,

I loved even the petrichor in Europe.

After all the sun and rain, all the leaves fluttered, the ice-

caked stumps of oak — how to ignore in Europe!

All that one could admire, admires enough, there

are things, but hardly any to abhor in Europe.

When we wondered what made it what it was,

we visited the cities of Hull and York in Europe.

We waited on places for people, we looked at

spires, what beautified more a tower in Europe!

At times, in quiet, when we took names of those we could

not hold on to, we named Christ at Düsseldorf in Europe.

After them, after we touched the ruins, what lived but loss

in our shapes, culture that the wars did devour in Europe.

Every culture teaches much as any other does,

but what more than a folklore in Europe!

Languages, in the world, you cherish, how

you love languages less or more in Europe




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