Category: Issue Six Poetry

  • Anne Casey reflects on Issue Six.

    Anne Casey reflects on Issue Six.

    In considering poems for publication in Other Terrain, we seek to be moved in some way. Beyond cleverness and adept use of devices, we want to be challenged or changed – shake us, rattle us, wake us, slay us! For us, that is one of the greatest gifts of poetry, to be transported out of the…

  • Strand


    By Felicity Plunkett Every poem has a secret addressee. Every secret a shoreline. Mine loosens like a tooth. I wake to three knocks. Three times no one there. Knocks echo through an empty house until I am empty of dreams. An owl at noon means death. Your death eyeing me, still, from a tree one leafless…

  • AU S T R A L I A N  A I R

    AU S T R A L I A N  A I R

    By Solli Raphael  Air it’s the invisible goodness, that links our brain with full gain, so we can think without a strain, and without it, we would probably go insane.   And it goes through our blood veins, and acts like a water main, the more we get, the more our plants grow, the more…

  • BANDIT	 (1999-2016)


    By Judith Beveridge     Published in Sun Music: New and Selected Poems, Giramondo Publishing, 2018.   Read Judith’s interview here.      

  • Who owns the field?

    Who owns the field?

    by Jane Clarke   Published in The River (Bloodaxe Books 2015). 

  • Kangaroo Moon

    Kangaroo Moon

    By Michael Farrell Published in I Love Poetry (Giramondo 2017). Translated by Iris Fan.

  • The hawk in your thoughts

    The hawk in your thoughts

    by Michael Aiken.  

  • A Ghazal: in Europe

    A Ghazal: in Europe

    By Jayant Kashyap After our ship took to air, through the skies, the first prayers we swore in Europe. Reaching the clouds weather took dramatic turns, but omens much we forbore in Europe. When we touched what we had never known, we thought, what remained but to explore in Europe? With every good touch of…

  • Something More for Tracey

    Something More for Tracey

    By Karla Whitmore This poem is a response to Tracey Moffatt’s photographic series entitled Something More (1989) in the Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney.  It is 87 words in length.  I was interested in the narrative of Tracey’s journey as an artist from her beginnings in Australia and the way she has used colour and constructed outback imagery…

  • Flight of the Rohingya

    Flight of the Rohingya

    By Frances Roberts   Water and a little food snatched up containers a rug  a pole survival driven humanity pouring from a fissure abandoning home again the road to Bangladesh.   An exodus of tears how long a time for winter or perhaps for ever so many children walking  crying no carrying now no destination’s welcome but…

  • Toad Princes

    Toad Princes

    By Sandra Renew we were out that night in the Holden ute road through the cane-fields slippery as all get out down-pour roaring and closing down the viewing distance to a few feet steam struggling to rise off the tarmac against the force of rain   the toad count rose, all those potential princes, under the…

  • Defence Forces Seek Artists

    Defence Forces Seek Artists

    By Paul Casey First published in Virtual Tides, (Salmon Poetry, 2016).

  • Shame Shame

    Shame Shame

    By Anne Elvey     First appeared in Anne Elvey’s collection White on White (Cordite Books, 2018).

  • Departure


    By Frances Roberts.    Caught in the tide of you your skin moving liquid against mine the surf of my heart booming in my ears… in this ever and never place give me a small beacon so that in some future unknown space in time I can navigate back to you through the stars

  • Apocalypse


    By Eugen Bacon Blood and sweat   The kitchen is alive with old knowledge. Red dust, oregano leaves, cockerel feathers. Dried flowers adulterate dainty cucumber sandwiches garnished with pickled shallots, arrayed on an edible cake tray. Her labour pangs strike as she is arranging warmed plates and polished cutlery on the table. On crooked knees…