by Tina Tsironis

Your pain is a river

so clear and so deep

my pain is a river

so cool and so sleek

do you think you could do it?
tell me now

yank out the sludge

smooth me out

pry out the bugs

my wellness I’d flout

wrench out the shit

bleeds brighter than gout

reach deep into me,

yank hard as you can

reach deep through my walls

spread me far ‘cross the land

you nod your head no

it’s what you want not

you shake your head yes

ready? let’s rot 

the balm of all balms

so soothing, so sweet

there’s a strange sense of calm

in always feeling the heat

my pain is our vice

a melodic techno beat

so let’s take a breath

let’s dive in real deep

let’s bask in its glory

and flail our feet

let’s drink up the river

our certified summer treat