The Great Conspiracy

By Damen O’Brien

I don’t believe in America.

People say it must exist,

look at all the things they make:

Hollywood; Microsoft; McDonalds.

But I don’t believe it.

No one I know has gone to it.

No one I know has come from it.

It’s all a trick. I don’t believe

in America. The Democrats.

The Republicans. That’s got to be

a joke, right? The government

wants you to think it’s real

so you feel better about the 

fools that run our own country.

All those crazy gun laws, all

those crazy shootings. That

can’t be real. They want us to be 

too scared to protect our rights.

People say: what about those

goofy Presidents? What about that

Roe v Wade? What about that

Freedom of Speech? But I say,

that’s how you know. That’s how

you know it can’t be real. What

real country would make it so hard?

What country would find ways to

stop its people being happy?

I simply can’t believe in America.

People say, what about Democracy?

Peace? Freedom? Liberty?

But I say: that’s the giveaway,

isn’t it? That’s the tell-tale: I’venever seen any evidence of them.



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