Domestic Composition

By Nathanael O’Reilly


Darkened room, ceiling fan

spinning, glass of Chilean red

half an arm-length away,

desktop logically organized,

neighbour’s air-conditioner

droning beyond the window,

door closed against interruptions,

screen glow, clothes tumbling

in the distant laundry room,

framed artworks and book covers

barely visible in comforting gloom,

cricket bat retiring in the corner,

the Galway bodhran silent atop

the bookcase beside a motionless

globe and bronze cast of the Brownings’

intertwined hands clasped eternally

above Stevie Smith, Heaney, Housman,

Muldoon, Eliot, Kavanagh and Kerouac.


Artwork: Do No Harm (2015) by Jane Theau. Published with permission of the artist.