Category: Past Contributors

  • Anne Casey

    Anne Casey

    Originally from the west of Ireland and living in Sydney, Anne Casey is author of five poetry collections. A journalist and legal author for 30 years, her work is widely published internationally, ranking in The Irish Times‘ Most Read. Anne has won literary awards in Ireland, Australia, the UK, Canada, Hong Kong, India and the…

  • Ed Carmine

    Ed Carmine

    Ed Carmine is a Creative Writing and Literature student at Swinburne University who thoroughly enjoys the process of character building. His day to day public transport trips provide priceless inspiration for his short stories. He may never bother getting his drivers license

  • Evie Kendal

    Evie Kendal

    Evie Kendal is a feminist bioethicist and literary critic from Melbourne, Australia. Her research interests include representations of reproductive biotechnology in science fiction, legal and ethical issues for end-of-life care, and feminist issues in young adult literature and film.

  • Charlotte Duff

    Charlotte Duff is a writer and editor living in Melbourne. She is currently completing her first novel.

  • Ron Barton

    Ron Barton

    Ron Barton is an English teacher who has twice been published by Ginninderra Press (If God is a Poet, 2012; Unremarkable, 2014) and Tincture Journal (2013) and, more recently, he has had poems displayed at the Sydney Fringe Festival and the University of Western Australia. In 2014 he had poetry appear in Windmills (published through…

  • Allan Lake

    Originally from Saskatchewan, Allan Lake has lived in Vancouver, Cape Breton Island, Ibiza, Perth  (WA), Tasmania, Sicily and at present Melbourne.  His collection, SandintheSole(2014)waslaunchedattheTasmanianPoetryFestival. In 2015 Lake won the Elwood Poetry Prize. During 2016 his poems appeared in Australian journals Meniscus, Plumwood Mountain Journal, Poetica Christi anthology and Poetry Matters.

  • Brendan Leigh

    Brendan Leigh

    Brendan Leigh is an Australian writer, currently studying at Swinburne. He writes a lot of fantasy, realist and sci-fi fiction, depending on the day.

  • Bill Cotter

    Bill Cotter

    Bill Cotter has been writing short stories and poetry for forty years, He has won a number of literary awards, including the poetry prize for the International Library of Poetry, the Maryborough Golden Wattle Festival poetry prize and the Melbourne Shakespeare Society sonnet prize.His work has appeared in journals throughout Australia.  Ginninderra Press has published…

  • Lyn Chatham

     Lyn Chatham lives in Geelong. She works as a teacher of adult literacy. She has had work published in the genres of short fiction, non-fiction and poetry. Her story, ‘Mars Bars and Lawson,’ was included in the anthology Tales of the Blackboard. In 2005, her book, Martino’s Story, the memoir of an Italian migrant, was…

  • Trina Denner

    Trina Denner

    Trina Denner is currently engaged in a PhD project, examining YA  fiction through the creation of an artefact and exegesis.

  • Julia Prendergast

    Julia Prendergast

    Julia Predergast has a PhD in Writing and Literature. Julia is a short fiction addict. Her short stories have been longlisted, shortlisted and published: Lightship Anthology 2 (UK), Glimmer Train (US), Séan Ó Faoláin Competition, Munster Literature Centre (Cork City, Ireland), Australian Book Review Elizabeth Jolley Prize, Josephine Ulrick Prize. Julia’s theoretical work has been published:Current Narratives, AAWP, New Writing: The…

  • Kathryn Ryman

    Kathryn Ryman

    Katie Ryman is a Professional Writing and Editing student at Swinburne. She has wanted to be a writer since she was five and has recently come to the conclusion that in order to make that happen she might actually have to get some writing done. She divides her time evenly between worrying that she doesn’t…

  • Clare Millar

    Clare Millar

    Clare Millar studies creative writing / literature and professional writing / editing at Swinburne University. She’s part of the editorial committee at Voiceworks where she focuses on poetry. Clare also teaches creative writing to children at Creative Write-It. “Fishbowl Astronaut”, “276” and “Identity: A Recipe of Crumbs” are her first publication. You can find her…

  • Kainat Azhar

    Kainat Azhar

    Kainat Azhar is a Pakistani writer and illustrator who has never formally studied the two. She hides behind the mask of a computer science major and is interested in almost everything that does not involve socializing. Her work can be found in Fog Machine, Eunoia Review, Brain Knittings and E-tribune Pakistan. Literature, music and art…

  • Keren Heenan

    Keren Heenan

    Keren Heenan is the winner of a number of Australian short story awards, including the Alan Marshall award, Southern Cross and Hal Porter competitions, also 2nd in the Fish Award (Ire) 2015. Her stories have been published in Australian journals and anthologies, including: Overland, Island, Wet Ink, Forty South Anthology 2015, and 2016, Award Winning…