By Solli Raphael

it’s the invisible goodness, that links our brain
with full gain,
so we can think without a strain,
and without it, we would probably go insane.


And it goes through our blood veins,
and acts like a water main,
the more we get, the more our plants grow,
the more our cells grow,
the more we grow,
in wealth and health,


and although our lives are stressful and pressurised with
anxiety and control, and you’re still working on relaxing
your soul, while running around the magnetic pole,
looking for your self-control, and although it’s taking its toll,
we still breathe.


We breathe in, we breathe out
Since the day of our arrival, we’ve been killing our own
survival, and it’s vital, that our sidle title is put aside, so
we can become ONE with our rivals.


We breathe in, we breathe out


So don’t sit around waiting for your life to caper, instead –
grab your pens and your paper – your voices and your eyes,
so we can reach for the sky, and look down on the world,
and tell them why,
we need to make a change


to our lives.


Because we don’t have to be these average everyday
humans anymore


we can show this world what we feel, see and think,


and that might be the hidden link,
between peace, war and humans causing our own race to
be extinct.


And sometimes
we need to breathe out,
just so we can breathe in kindness
and passion.


Because this Australian air is polluted with,
choking from our own depression,
and if we don’t fight for our rights … it’s like mixing
hemimorphite and pegmatite, so that you can think as
fast as the speed of light, but if you’re not speaking your
own sight, even though you might despite the fright to
be polite and rewrite how we should reunite, we may as
well do a plebiscite, for if we should keep celebrating


how the blacks were killed by the whites.


So –
get out of your seats,
rise up,
open your windows,
let fresh air flood your homes, flood your lungs,
flood your brains!


Change the way you think,
CHANGE the way you LIVE.
Open your eyes and breathe out yesterday’s air,
and – breathe in – Today’s


From Limelight by Solli Raphael. Published by Penguin.


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