Something More for Tracey

By Karla Whitmore

This poem is a response to Tracey Moffatt’s photographic series entitled Something More (1989) in the Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney.  It is 87 words in length.  I was interested in the narrative of Tracey’s journey as an artist from her beginnings in Australia and the way she has used colour and constructed outback imagery to convey a sense of drama in this journey.

Sophisticate in a red cheongsam

Incongruous outback scene

Languid blonde leans on a rough shack wall

Ignored by the bloke within

Boys blurred in play, an Oriental face

Empathy and a touch embrace

Red fades to grey of stifled dreams

On the perilous road to identity

With stockings torn and limbs askew

She’s dying here to be able to seek

A place in the megalopolis

Images embedded in her brain

Long after she’s left to find a lens

And capture where she’s been




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