Oh, and don’t forget to breathe!

By Mickey Stosser



Remember to point your toes

Lengthen your spine

Tilt your head 45 degrees

Offer to make tea


Don’t forget to engage your core

Turn your feet out

Lift that leg higher

Ask “so what do you do for work?”


Oh, it’s your first class?


Just follow along, you’ll pick it up


Wear the correct uniform

So that it’s easier to observe you

It’s meant to be uncomfortable


Watch the teacher in the mirror

Notice their form and movement

Emulate them

It won’t look quite the same on you

But do your best to get it right anyway


If you practise hard enough

And long enough

It lives in your muscles eventually


Oh, but that doesn’t mean it’ll get easier

Quite the opposite!

The stronger you get,

The more you’re expected to push yourself


Did you fall?

Are you hurt?

The show must go on

We have an audience waiting


Remember to soften your fingers

Hold your focus

Stand still

Stay in line

Smile for the crowd

Match your angles

Be quiet

Keep in time


You’re sweating

It’s hard work

Make it look easy



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