Samuel Elliott

Samuel Elliott is a Sydney-based freelance literary and entertainment reporter. Having previously regularly appeared in premier digital print The Australia Times, until its untimely closure in late 2016, Elliott’s writing has appeared in Antic, The Southerly, Compulsive Reader, MoviePilot, Writer’s Bloc, The Versatile Gent, Vertigo, FilmInk, Verity La, Archer, Verandah, Boss Hunting, The Boomers Club, The Big Issue and The Independent. While this has included both short and long form creative fiction and poetry, Elliott has mainly focused on interviewing and producing features on literary and film luminaries and assorted public figures including Tom Keneally, Jane Harper, John Safran, Nigella Lawson, Matt Reilly, Bill Murray and visiting members of the Twin Peaks series.
He currently divides his job in the television industry and readying his next novel, Schooled. Find more of his work here: