James Nicholson

The son of a public servant and teacher, James Nicolson was born and bred in Australia’s capital.  His parents afforded him the opportunity to live in France, Brisbane and Fiji during his formative years.  After finishing high school, James put off higher education to pursue an illustrious career in underwater ceramic hygiene, before returning to study at age 26.

Naive as only the youth can be – an attribute he intends to keep in an effort to age gracefully – he elected to pursue studies in Journalism, with the understanding that Journalists merely write stories for a hobby yet drink professionally.  However, his studies in philosophy have led him to consider a career in something entirely unemployable, rather than merely sustain himself as part of a dying breed on the basis of ‘transferable skill-sets’.

His reading habits constitute mostly science fiction and fantasy, and he cites Robert Jordan, Peter F Hamilton and Iain M. Banks as his inspirations. He also read Game of Thrones a long time before it was cool.